Types of acne that often appears and how to treat it

Acne is a condition in which hair follicles in the skin are blocked by oil and dead skin cells. Knowing the various types of acne is one thing that is no less important so that you are not one step in getting rid of acne from the face. Acne can not only worsen the appearance at the time of its appearance. But, it can also leave scars that are no less annoying. The presence of pimples is characterized by oily skin, the appearance of small nodules, and blackheads. There are various types of acne with a variety of locations arising in addition to facial skin. For example, on the shoulders, back, chest, and neck. Some zits may be overcome only by using over-the-counter acne medications. However, several other types of acne can actually make a person stressed and require treatment by a dermatologist because of the severity. These Types Of Acne May Have Ever Seen On Your Face Before you decide on the right treatment to overcome it, you should recognize the types of acne below: Cystic
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